Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Paul Han is a ROCKstar – Winston Edition is here! 80hat

Two years ago, with design influence from YYF team member Paul Han, YoYoFactory produced what has since become one of the most highly valued special edition YYF’s ever released: the Winston Superstar. The two-tone blue/gold anodize combined with the unique checker pattern laser mark was widely received among yo-yo enthusiasts as one of the most unique Superstar’s ever produced.
To pay homage to the Winston Superstar, YoYoFactory has manufactured an extremely limited run (less than 100 pieces) of the Paul Han signature Winston ROCKstar. The Winston ROCKstar features the original Winston blue/gold anodize combo, the original Winston checker pattern laser mark around the rim, and a new re-done Winston ROCKstar logo. As a tip of the hat to Paul Han for his influence on the original Winston Superstar, Paul’s name is laser engraved into the rim as well.

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